Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bikers and Bad Boys Day 4

Today's prizes?
Enter to win a Kindle Fire and bad boy Coffee mug!

Ways to enter (scroll all the way down, there are many ways to enter):
1. Grab of copy of today's featured titles!

Rockin' the Heart
by Gracen Miller

More than Miles
by Autumn Jones Lake

Show Me the Honey
by Cathryn Cade

2. Post a selfie of you and the book(s) you bought, in the event. (If you don't want to post a selfie, please comment on this post with your order number and title purchased)

3. Leave a review! Grab today's books, read them and post a review on Amazon! Post a link to your review in the comments under this post!

4. Share today's blog post! Share our featured titles! Use the share function for Facebook and Twitter! Spread the word about these sexy bad boys that will have you squirming in your seats and heat up these chilly days! Or, copy and paste buy links to each title and share on Facebook and Twitter! Put links to your shares in the comments below.

5. Click going on the event! Make sure you invite your friends! Our featured authors are visiting the event tonight! Don't miss out! 

6. Go to each author's fan page, click like and comment on their wall with today's "secret" phrase!

Today's secret phrase is "Throwback to the Bad Boy"

Each day, you'll earn entries for commenting and participating in the takeovers! As well, come back here each day as we post new ways to enter, new entries and new prizes! All prizes will be drawn on October 1st, so make sure you buy, read, review, and participate!

**Purchase not necessary to win**


  1. 6. Gracen and Cathryn's pages didn't let you make the posts.... so I had to comment on the post for bikers and bad boys on their pages along with others who did the same. "Throwback to the Bad Boy"
    5. already done dail

  2. Hi, I have done 4,5,and 6. Thanks for the chance.

  3. My proff but I bought it on kobo I had a gift card
    Hello Demetra,
    Thank you for your recent purchase from Kobo. We've added your new item(s) to your Library. Please find your purchase confirmation details below.

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    Kobo Customer Care

    Your order was received on September 15, 2016


    1. More Than Miles
    By Autumn Jones Lake $4.51

    Grand Total: $0.00
    Receipt Number: 879688489
    Billed To:
    Customer VAT No: N/A
    SUBTOTAL $3.99
    HST $0.52
    GIFT CARD $4.51
    GRAND TOTAL $0.00

  4. I have done 1 , 4 , 5 and 6. Thank you for the great prizes

  5. Done 4,5,6! Thank you for the chance !!!

  6. Done 4,5,6! Thank you for the chance !!!

  7. Shared on my fb and twitter here are the links
    Liked and commented on the authors walls
    Going to the event
    Thank you for the chance!

  8. 4.Shared today post on Twitter:

    Shared Buy Links on Twitter:
    Rockin' the Heart by Gracen Miller
    More than Miles by Autumn Jones Lake
    Show Me the Honey by Cathryn Cade

    5.Already going and invited friends for the event!


    Thank you :)

  9. Thank you for the opportunity on these amazing giveaways... I've completed all but the review still need to read them for that. I purchased all of Cathryn Cade's book (all three of the Honey) and shared, invited and left the phrase on all authors pages.
    It won't allow me to post the selfie with them though on here so doing it on the main page for Bikers & Bad Boys :)